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Wasteful creatures

A spill on the floor...

Do I wipe it with a paper towel and waste a tree?
Do I wipe it up with a towel and waste the water in the washing machine and the gas to fuel the electricity of the washing machine?
Almost every moment of my life I am using up some un-renewable or scarce and valuable resource.
What is the answer?
Keep a dirt floor?
Call the dog to lick it up?

Use the paper towel and recycle it?
Use the rag until its very, very, very dirty and line dry?
I'm a little confused.

There are so many people, what resources are there that can feed the gnawing belly of humanity? Over and over and over again?
Every time we eat or eliminate, every time we make a transaction, every time we engage in an activity, all day long, we consume the earth's resources and pollute our environment.
And almost always without conscience or conscientousness.
I wish someone would start a blog called: Renewable Living.
My first question to this blog would be:
What is the renewable way to wipe up my rice milk spill in the morning?
Then I won't stress before I've even woken up for the day.