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Rules Of The Game CD

rules of the game 1200pxEsza Kaye continues her journey into the language of love, exploring the rules of attraction and the rules of the game. It's all about the moves we make as we seek out relationship with another. And as a parallel, the moves we make deeper into our own souls. Realizing at yet another level that we all play all the roles. Produced by Bunny & Blare, Esza hits her stride delivering a soundscape that is on the forward edge of the electronic genre. A mid-tempo and sexy, chill vibe, the undeniable beats make it hard to sit still to these tracks. Vocally Esza delivers a very personal and expressive tone of vulnerability and knowing, as if to say, that she has learned to surrender and trust in the outcome.


Rules of the Game

This song talks about the realization that there are no bad guys. "The hunter and the game are one and the same". When we release our identification with labels (the victim or the perpetrator in this case) we are free to choose love and ultimately creation. The process of moving from survival mode into thriving can feel like a scary, abrupt death, or like jumping off a cliff. And so we must trust and jump, only to realize, that we are flying.

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Come When I Call

If there was ever a request to pick up the phone, this song was it. Not looking for ownership, but just for love and fun, Esza asks you to make her a believer.

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If I Can't Have You

This song is about soul mates living parallel lives. He and she are separated, and he's in the wrong place with the wrong girl. She vows to take his heart no matter what he chooses to do with his body, because at the level that they are connected, it is irrelevant whether they are physically together or not.

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New Station

Often we think of life as walking through the doors that open for us. In New Station, Esza talks about the human spirit as the center point into which all the open doors allow new information. If we stay centered, and still, then we are quiet enough to receive the information we need to move forward on our journey.

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Find Me

A story of one lover looking for release from another, this is also the first layer of looking at how we imprison ourselves. We can free ourselves and each other but it requires trust.

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