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House of Pain

confessor 1200pxHouse of Pain, the featured song of this album, talks about how we shy away from making painful changes in our lives. We veil our disconnected pieces with the force field of beauty and sexual attraction and hope the perfume of sexuality overpowers the scent of distress. This is an unstable house in which pain is a frequent guest.

"Esza Kaye's music comes very much from the heart, and she's always impressed me with both her melodies and the depth behind her lyrics. More recently I heard one of her newest creations. A song with incredible landscape of moving sounds called House of Pain. It seemed to just build and build taking the listener on a fantastic journey. The dynamic of this song was unlike anything I've heard since working with Kate Bush many years ago."

                           ~ Nick Launay, Producer (Arcade Fire, YYY's, Nick Cave).


Instead of bricks she chooses dreams
She never built a solid floor
She puts up walls to keep her safe
But she won't open any doors

Look through the windows there she sits
Rocking in her favorite despair
Although the smoke leaves through the chimney
She's not getting any air


Come on in say the painted eyes
Windows to a worldly game
Come on in its no surprise
Welcome to my house of pain

She crossed the wires that she built
So light is dark and good is bad
She lights a candle then she smiles
Although her eyes are blinking sad

But she can't stop the closing walls
That hide her deeply in her heart
Because to look at her construction
Puts an end to any start

Don't try to help her she'll never let you in
Don't try to help her, she'll never ever let you in
Just ignore her the doors will open
The doors will open on a whim