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Dance Singles feat Esza Kaye

tinged itunes off 220Esza loves to sing to dance trax because Esza loves to dance to them. Once a club kid, always a club kid. So in this fun category are trax from around the world to make you want to move and celebrate.


EliJ- Shake Your Body

I defy you to sit still to this infectious, joyous progressive house tune with the cutest hook west of Nashville. Its kind of steamy too. Beautiful piano.

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Potoxic- Melia

This fun dance tune from Europe goes great in a workout playlist. It has the signature melodic hook, uplifting vibe and driving tempo that Esza looks for in a track.

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Disco Sugar - Try Again

This chill house track was created specially for the Try Again vocal. A different original track inspired Esza's vocal, which Disco Sugar removed upon hearing the vocal, and replaced with this resplendent chill and groovy urban atmosphere.

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Epic Noise Makers - For the First Time

A sweet and melodic progressive house contemplation on love--what-else-is-there? This track just makes Esza feel like heaven. Love to drive to it.

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