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Night Child

confessor 1200pxWe can be left physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted when we deal with the increasingly stressful demands placed on us by an extreme consumer society. During the day, we work hard pursuing ultimate comfort, which often never arrives. Esza sings about shedding the frenetic energy of commerce and letting loose in night's welcoming calm. She invites us to give in to abandon, passion and sometimes hedonism while ultimately pursuing creativity, the guiding force of life.


It's the same thing every day
Oh you're running like your crazy
appointments, emotions, traffic jams and commitments
Till your eyes are like saucers
And they're looking kinda glazy
And your thoughts are like breakfast
Undigested with gravy

I stay cool through it all
I 'm here for you but that's not all
There's something i must, something I must say to you...


I get wild baby
I get wild
Oh i stay very calm when the world carries on
But when night time sets in and sleep quiets the din
I get wild
I'm a night time child

It's the same thing every night
Oh your times out at the meter
From the work outs, the phone calls, the blackmail, obligations
And you gave what you wanted
Or you took what you needed
Now you're feeling exhausted
Like your day was under rated

Now I start diving in
Once you're still I begin
Cause I'm savin' all my, savin' all my daytime sin



Look out here I come... look out the fun's begun

Look out the sun has set... I'm at my best, I'm at my best, when I'm...