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Queen of Alone - Official Video

This reflective chill track is off Esza's album, I Want To Die Loving You.

The Making Of "Tinged With Machine"

The major themes are overcoming personal obstacles and meeting the new world of technology with awareness. This is an interview with Esza Kaye and behind the scenes on the set of the music video, Tinged with Machine, directed by Hisham Abed.

Scar - Official Music Video

Artwork by Bianca Olson.

House of Pain - LIVE - Myth Masque - Los Angeles

Esza Kaye performs 'House of Pain' - live at Myth Masque.

The Confessor

Join Esza Kaye on a visual and musical journey across the River Styx. Travel with the passengers on the boat through re-imagined images of medieval Europe and the idea that through confession of our truth we regain our essence of love. Photography by Jean Renard. The Confessor song is the title track from Esza's album, The Confessor.

Tinged with Machine - Offical Music Video

Undergo surgery to the future with music artist Esza Kaye in this dreamy look at what the new landscape of technology might bring...

AFSHeeN ft. Esza Kaye - Tinged With Machine (Official Video)

Music video by AFSHeeN ft. Esza Kaye performing Tinged With Machine

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Interview with music artist Esza Kaye by Karen Somers

I am the Machine and The Machine is Me.

Interview with Esza Kaye about her CD release, Tinged with Machine.

Everything is Tinged with Machine

Interview with music artist Esza Kaye by Karen Somers.

Making of The Darkness

Esza Kaye records music track, "The Darkness" in the studio with producer, Bruce Somers of Kidney Thieves. "The Darkness" is on Esza's album  Tinged with Machine.

Bits and Bites

Interview with Esza Kaye about her album, Tinged with Machine.

In the "Bits and Bites of Human Content" interview, Esza talks with Karen Somers about the process of selecting album tracks, and tells us a little about a few of the tracks on Tinged with Machine.

Esza Kaye records House of Pain track with Nick Launay

Absolute honor to work with the great producer Nick Launay.

Epic Noise Makers - For The First Time (Original Mix)

Interview - Sounds from the Street

Protoxic Melia Mix

Katy come Out To Play