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confessor 1200pxScars can be bittersweet reminders of experience, adventure, and of dancing too close to the flame; Esza calls them "natural tattoos, the ones that choose you." The theme is one of celebrating our lessons, even as they come to us the hard way, leaving evidence on our bodies or in our hearts. "My scars are beautiful. Touch my tears and fears and loves," Esza sings, reminding all of us that our scars are beautiful.


I want you close
So close I could eat you, breathe you so close you could hurt me... oooooh... touch me
Sometimes I think
I never knew the difference
Between pleasure and pain... oooooh... touch me

I think it's love
But then I cross the line
It gets so painful... oooooh
But I just wanted love
I just wanted to connect
Then I would feel alive... oooooh... touch me


Oh no you haven't gone too far
If you didn't leave a scar
But ya never know, ya never know, ya never know
Until you leave a scar
Please touch me, not too hard

I don't know when to go
And I don't know where to stop
I just want to hold you... oooooh
Life is good up close
But I want to come out
Through the lines that you draw on me... touch me


My scars are beautiful
Touch my tears and fears and love
But I'm still here, I'm still here
Please, please, touch me not too hard
Please touch me not too hard