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The Darkness

What happens when you ignore the call to create? A darkness falls on the artist for refusing to keep their channel open, one that could lead to illness or insanity. You cannot block a natural force without deep consequences—as with the creative flow.


She talks in spiders, crows and snakes
until she's heard she haunts your brain
weaving webs and traps and holes
that fall you to yourself again

You'll hear the howls, smell the smoke
and feel the fires from her lair
the shadows lick at heels and toes
though when you look there's nothing there

Run, run, run
but here she comes
the darkness falls for only one

The more you run the more she comes
and all your day will gray with night
rest gently in her breast of veils
no solid ground this solo flight

When she has sung her siren's song
she will release you to your rest
and visit you again before
you can forget her ample breast