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Tinged with Machine CD

Tinged With Machine, Esza Kaye's fourth record, is a turn in the chill direction. Focusing on her mid-to-down tempo moods and melodies, Esza teams up with producer Bruce Somers (KidneyThieves) to create a lush, groovy, electronica landscape that ranges in topic from philosophy to temptation. Comprised of both electronic and organic sounds, Tinged represents a blended world of human and machine much in the way its title track describes. This album is for the early hours of a party, cafes, art shows, after-parties or deep personal introspective moments. If you're up after 1am, this album is for you.



This song looks at the ways in which humans are blending their ability to function with machines. Sometimes it is so seamless that we could not operate without our machine helpers. There is much to gain for this, and there is a price to pay as well.

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What happens when you ignore the call to create? A darkness falls on the artist for refusing to keep their channel open, one that could lead to illness or insanity. You cannot block a natural force without deep consequences—as with the creative flow.

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Deeper Shades of Shallow

There is shallow, and then there is a deeper shade of shallow. Someone that is so utterly self-absorbed and dysfunctional that your love for them will most certainly destroy you as well. Although, ultimately, this is a co-dependent relationship.

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There are dual layers to this song. The first is the acceptance of alternative realities and gray areas in human relationship and psycho-sexual play. And finally just the acceptance of the other and self and the surrender needed to let that play out.

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There are many who hold power and few who hold it well. What if we could turn the tables and see power for what it is: an illusion in the minds of those who hold it. And their need for that power is their weakness. With that realization, the tables turn.

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