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confessor 1200pxTalks about how the ultimate healing is to let another person into your heart and to "love again". In order to do this we have to let go of the pain and bitterness of all our "confess" them and release them.


I am the confessor
Tell me your dreams
Let me show you who you are
Show you more than you have seen

Tell me all your darkness
In the light of day
Let me lead you 'cross the river
Thru the entrance to the human play


And you'll hold me tight, through the endless night
Let me in, let the healing begin
Walk with me, through the valley of the dead
I'll set you free, hold me, I am the confessor

I am the confessor
Tell me your fears
Let me bathe you in the water
Show you happiness in tears

I'll weave the dark and light
Make you a coat of arms
Wrap you in it for the journey
The power's all in who you are



And i'm waiting for you at the edge of the water
Raft of your confessions and I'll carry you over (2x)
Cause there's something even better than pain ...
Yeah there's something betta... want to love again