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This Body

confessor 1200pxEsza's exploration of the soul within the flesh asks many questions; what does it mean to be a soul embodied on this planet? Do we own our bodies, and can our bodies be owned or promised to another? Life's lessons for the soul are acted out on flesh's stage, where the fallout can often be messy. Esza details (and ultimately celebrates) the battles and lessons that our bodies encounter, including the ever-present question of monogamy.


I close my eyes but you're still there
Deep brown eyes and long black hair
Your satin skin is all I feel
I want you deep inside of me

I feel your breath in the morning heat
A night together with no sleep
I've come undone into your hands
Now I can't run I can barely stand


This body- who can I give it to
This body- it wants to be with you
This body- belongs to someone else
Won't somebody help this body
This body

Restrain my hands before I touch
The face I love and ruin us
Defeat is best when winning loses
All that we so long to choose


What comes between the soul unseen
What is it...
What makes the boundaries so unclean
Why does it have to be...