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My Miracle

confessor 1200pxIn our Western culture, the prevailing action and energy of God is martyrdom, raising questions of life, death, and the boundaries of sacrifice. One person's love for another raises her into this realm of spirit, where sacrifice is natural and common. While wanting to sacrifice for love of another is a miracle, the willingness to sacrifice liberally for that person must be balanced with the understanding that some battles of the soul can only be fought firsthand.


Cry those tears where there were none
Wet the drying desert with your pain
Put out the fires of all your suffering
Let the river wash you clean


I wanted to be the one to take you home
Let the water wash its miracle
You'll have to get there on your own
I'll follow soon, my miracle

You found life where there was none
Let the praying mantis guide you home
You know the dust is where you had to end
And the dust is where you began