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Tinged with Machine

This song looks at the ways in which humans are blending their ability to function with machines. Sometimes it is so seamless that we could not operate without our machine helpers. There is much to gain for this, and there is a price to pay as well.


Everything is tinged with machine
my cyber self is on the rise
engines hum behind each octave
blending in behind my eyes

Listen to us all in our disguise
Listen to us all

Information everywhere
is passing through my every cell
bits and bytes of human content
private heavens, private hell

Listen to us all oh can't you tell
Listen to us all

Listen Listen
tell me what it means
listen listen
halfway human, half machine
listen listen
angel engines, devil spirits
can you tell me what it means?

Electrical currents day and night
fuel our distractions, power and drives
our will hard wired, invisibly
stealing away our lives

Listen to us all forget our lives
listen to us all

Medusa like bundles of genetics all jam
and entertain the pace too fast
molecular shields of silence and still
must come to guard our sacred past

Listen to us all, oh can it last?
Listen to us all