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Empty Chairs

confessor 1200pxThe painful confession of what abandonment feels like. It is that moment in time when hope to look up and see your community/loved ones by your side: and there is no one. It is a profoundly lonely and desolate place. The only consolation is that you have seen the truth for what it is.

"Acceptance is not always about change...Sometimes you just have to let things be and say thank you to them. Allow them to be a part of your make up because we all are composed of a myriad of building blocks to get to where we are in our lives now."
                                 ~ Esza Kaye


A perfect sunshine day
All your friends are on their way
Nothing stops the happiness you feel inside

You're sitting in your place
And searching every face
Do they all notice what you try to hide?


Louder than the silence
Louder than the laughter
Louder than the shame you feel inside
Empty chairs

You're reminded of the times
When all your pride was on the line
And still somehow the ones you wanted stayed away

And then there were the needed few
Who never seemed to notice you
And left you on the ledge to jump or fly some day



Empty chairs, empty stares
An emptiness that locks you deep inside
And all you see, is what there's not
And miss the love around you that could help you fly


Empty chairs and vacant hearts
Go on finish what you started
You say it all when you don't even come around