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Deeper Shade of Shallow

There is shallow, and then there is a deeper shade of shallow. Someone that is so utterly self-absorbed and dysfunctional that your love for them will most certainly destroy you as well. Although, ultimately, this is a co-dependent relationship.


I can't help but notice
I'm making you nervous
cause you're not impervious
to seeing me bleed.

And so we're together
The servant and master
courting catastrophe
nobody needs

Such a tease
a deeper shade of shallow
I love to watch you blush
a deeper shade of shallow
oh yes, my dear, it's true beyond
the ghost of a shadow
that all you'll ever be is
a deeper shade of shallow

I'm wrapped like a present
with plenty of string
then no one can see
I'm not hiding a thing

And so we're together
the servant and master
I'm real and I bleed
onto your perfumed skin