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Lick My Boots

There are many who hold power and few who hold it well. What if we could turn the tables and see power for what it is: an illusion in the minds of those who hold it. And their need for that power is their weakness. With that realization, the tables turn.


You have got the car,
an' you have got the star,
you've gone so very far
now get down and...

P.E. jockeys with their boxers
CAA agents and their rockstars
silver horsey on your car dear
now get down and...
and lick...

Zorro had one, in his grip
he could make you bite your lip
go on and taste his leather whip
and then you'll lick my...

Love to make the pony hop,
polo no go, cause I've got
another use for diamond crops
go on and lick my...

I'm your dream
bitch sister or MILF mommy
cheating ex or high school teacher
it's all the same did you not hear me
go on boy get on your knees
and lick my boots

You're so concerned, incense burning
take your gulf stream for a turn and
help us out with global warming
you can lick my...

Power player flicking ash
dressed in Valentino brass
you can lick my shiny boots
let all the others kiss your...