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The Grace of Bridge Building in a Dark Hour

We have a breakdown of trust in our world right now.

Much of the world is finding itself split in two, and an ungodly battle ensues between the extremist half and the rest of the population. The terrorists have hijacked Islam. The conservatives have hijacked Christianity. Genocidal dictators are hijacking countries around the world.

Israel and Palestine symbolize the bridge that cannot be built between two nations.
And of course there is no peace. There is no trust between these two halves of our consciousness.
I believe that there is no final destination of heaven and hell, only the heaven or hell of the moment that we are experiencing.
And it is repetitive, life after life.

So I believe that there is no "situation overseas" in isolation from our world.
Israel and Palestine live in our own homes, in our own hearts.
We must create peace in our own homes, in our own hearts.
And that peace is what will spill out onto the world stage.
For the world stage is nothing but the collection of us.
Collectively, we are the world stage.

They sang: "We are the world, we are the children".
And we are.
Right now we are all experiencing the blackness, the abject despair.
We must each face our own blackness and turn it around.
If we each build trust in our personal relationships (especially the most difficult, most hostile relationships), even just to build a civil, working relationship, that will translate into peace.

We must find peace.
We must find dialogue.
Even if all that we can find is civility, that is enough.
Bridges must be built right now.
So find peace in your life, pick up your tools, and help build the bridge.