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She's a Naughty Boy

confessor 1200pxShe's a Naughty Boy is a slippery slide from Esza that plays with sexy paradigms and alternate social perceptions.

Or listen to the other version which takes a teasing skip through the alternate sexy. A polished punk with tasty hints of the 80s.


She’s such a sweet girl looks so good
What would her mother say if she understood
She gets all straight A’s
Plays by the rules
But night is a secret place she’s putting on her tools

She’s a good good girl the kind you want to employ
So good good good but a naughty
A naughty good good girl but she comes with some toys
So good good good good good but a naughty naughty boy
A naughty boy

She takes the girls home can’t hold back
Tall short or medium an aphrodisiac
One day she wakes up two worlds collide
Boy and girl she’s just the same she’s nothing to hide


Oh so naughty
Oh so naughty

Boy and girl
Boy and girl walking hand in hand inside my soul what’s to understand
Boy and girl walking hand in hand