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AFSHeeN Tinged With Machine

remixUndeniably seductive vibe and groove in this lush and electric take on dub step.


Everything is tinged with machine
My cyber self is on the rise
Engines hum behind each octave
Blending in behind my eyes

Information everywhere
Is passing through my every cell
Bits and bites of human content
Private heavens, private hell

Listen...Tell me what it means
Human, half machine
Tell me what it means
Human, human
Human, human

Electric currents day and night
Fuel our power and drive
Our will hard wired invisibly
Steal away our very lives

Tell me what it means- Listen
Human Human

Angel engines, devil spirits can you tell me what it means?
Angel engines, devil spirits, can you tell me, can you tell me?

Tell me what it means
Human human

Can you tell me what it means?