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Wrestling with an Angel

confessor 1200pxThe story of the moment we wrestle with something greater than ourselves and are close to death (our own death, the death of an idea). However, paradoxically, we must stop fighting and surrender humbly to this mystery. The surrender unlocks the solution we are looking for.


It must be morning now
But i can't see the light
I cried my eyes shut
Had the most amazing fight

I feel my way around
Can't believe that i'm alive
When I want to let go
All i do is survive


Cuz i was up late last night
Wrestling with an angel
I fought with all I had, my life and dreams in danger
Drowned and wrung out by the struggle that took everything
I said I give up, and the angel stopped wrestling
Wrestling with an angel

And the angel was gone
As quickly as it came
It was the same old friend
That nearly took my life again

It seems so strange
A friend would bring me so much suffering
But its merciful to kill
When strength is vulnerability



The river burst the banks and carved an endless new home
The angel reached the sun and my dreams became one