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To Be Alive

I loosed my mummy bonds

to fit you into my soul 
and found myself gasping
to life with fresh oxygen
like an eqyptian tomb
startled in a ray
of dust filled sunlight
never realizing I was not breathing.

All of a sudden
with such ferocity I was
suffocating and heaved into 
life with all my might
one very large, very significant
breath, the very first
as if my life depended on it.
Because it did.
And if I could get one 
there would be another
and piece by piece the
rolls will loose and flap
away like birds flying
out of the tomb in which
I have been sealed for 
this whole lifetime,
always remembering 
and yearning for a time
when I was free and 
in the sun and full of love
and connected to life
and love above the ground
where Persephone escaped to 
half the year but maybe
I could have eternity there.
Love says I can.
And so I tremble shyly
vibrating the white whisps
of wrapping off of my
shoulders and ribs
so silently that the guards of
the tomb will not awaken
and seal me back up
for surely that eternity
I will not survive
now that I remember 
now that I remember
now that you have reminded me
what it is to be alive.