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You, that I have always known

What life is this if I am to never know

The touch of your hand
The feel of your cheek

What world is this if I know you as I know myself
Yet will never travel to you
Will never travel with you

Where were you when I was looking
In every corner
In every face

At the exact same moment somewhere else
Finding someone
To replace me

Me, that you never knew
And always cherished
Me, that you have never
Truly been apart from

What mystery is this that we are living
Parallel lives
Two train tracks that never meet

Though we have all the same destinations
I look for you in each town
There you are

Your scent still fills the air
But you are gone
Or shortly arriving 

It is time for us to travel 
Past time
Past horizon

You, that I have always known
And always cherished
You, that have always been
My own soul