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I Free Her and She Frees Me

I call her through the looking glass
I called her through the other side
All my fear and all my grief
Floating through the eventide

Dressed in white with long soft hair
She cries my tears when I’m not there
Dressed in white with long dark hair
I cry her tears no longer here

I cry her tears, I speak her voice
Who will be the first to choose
To open up the tunnel bright
Release the spirit from this noose

Into the light the shining hour
When grief is heard and words are heeded
Needs are freed and will is chosen
Love is known and justice meted

I free her and she frees me
Mirror images, worlds apart

Inches away, all one heart
Ever invisible, no need to see
Only to listen and let it be
Only to listen deep inside of me..

I free her, she frees me