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Worth a walk on the wild side...

wild_side_steve_morse_esza_kaye_tinged_machine-- STEVE MORSE, longtime music reviewer who was a staff critic at the Boston Globe for three decades and has also contributed to Billboard and Rolling Stone reviewed Esza's new album, Tinged With Machine and wrote:

"Musically, Esza Kaye conjures a futuristic, sci-fi-scented, post-apocalyptic world, yet her emotions are still very real on her new record. She aims for the gut with her vocal candor and sharply etched lyrics that peek though and above the sweetly programmed, dreamily cosmic textures. She sings of runaway technology in "Tinged with Machine'' (talking about how our will is "hard wired invisibly''), but also the perils of relationships in "Deeper Shade of Shallow.'' Her honesty may make some people nervous, as in the brooding treatise of gender-bending love ("Katy Come Out to Play'') and the fantasy-flecked "Lick My Boots.'' Kaye is no stranger to dealing with darkness -- just read the bio on her website -- but once again she emerges triumphant with this creative slice of electronica. It is highly unusual music that isn't for everyone, but it's worth a walk on the wild side.''