Esza Kaye is a singer/songwriter who transforms her difficult experiences into the gifts of insight, wisdom and depth. Esza has been inspired as an artist to share the journey of that integration with her audience. The messages are acceptance (even of our darkness), integration, courage and hope. Esza's vocals are hypnotic and bright, and her electronic/organic sound is a lush blend of human meets machine.

Music was the only thing that kept Esza going during her toughest times and her lyrics often shadow her experiences from living on the streets as a teen runaway, to fighting depression and hopelessness to exploring the undergrounds of New York, Moscow and Prague.

"Music is my way through, the place where all my life lessons are resolved", Esza says. "It's a place where you can connect with your soul and with others. It heals the wound of spiritual isolation".

Esza Kaye's fourth record is Tinged with Machine, a 5 song EP, that continues the tales of her journey through the Dark Feminine.  "Tinged" was produced by Bruce Somers (Kidneythieves) and has elements of Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush, Sneaker Pimps and Pink Floyd.

Tinged with Machine, the title track, explores the relationship humans have with technology and questions whether we are using machines to connect with one another or to isolate ourselves. Convergence theorists such as Vernor Vinge give us 30 years to the age of machines--an imminent and looming inevitability.

Deeper Shade of Shallow takes aim at anyone professing to be enlightened and self-aware, but who is actually living a superficial life. The soft, melodic tone is an unlikely foundation for such confrontational lyrics:

"Such a tease. A deeper shade of shallow. I love to watch you blush, a deeper shade of shallow. Oh yes my dear it's true beyond the ghost of a shadow. That all you'll ever be is a deeper shade of shallow."

The Darkness shows the decent into madness that many artists suffer when they are not allowed to create. It also examines how people, and artists in particular, can find self-awareness and ultimately self-acceptance through nurturing a relationship with their creative selves.

Katy Come Out to Play is a sultry and playful song about lesbian love and bondage. It highlights the paradox of finding freedom and self-acceptance through a physical expression that is not accepted by many in the mainstream.


Lick My Boots shines a bright, unflattering spotlight on anyone who takes themselves too seriously.

The Tinged with Machine video (available on YouTube, directed by Hisham Abed, The Hills, MTV) is a concept video that shows Esza Kaye transforming from traditional singer/pianist to human/machine. The visual effects are impressive—she is seen lying on an operating table being fitting with futurist machine parts. The lyrics tell the story; "Listen. Listen. Tell me what it means. Halfway human, half machine...angel engines, devil spirits. Can you tell me what it means?"

Esza has been able to turn overwhelming obstacles—like her hearing loss--into opportunities to create and connect through her music. A new, cutting-edge pair of hearing aids were the inspiration for this EP.   Esza says:

Tinged with Machine offers the possibility that we as humans could use the awe-inspiring force of technology to enhance all levels of human connection. We could become super communicators who embrace technology for its ability to bring us together and resist the urge to use it to isolate ourselves or exclude those who may be different. When I wear my hearing aids and receiver, I am becoming one with the machine in an effort to reach out to others."