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Queen Of Alone

iwant itunes off 220The fear of solitude, while primal and necessary for certain kinds of survival, can also bog us down. We fear being alone inside our own bodies and left to face ourselves completely. To look for comfort externally is a hopeless search, yielding only unsatisfying relationships in which we count on the other to continue our illusions. Esza's meditation on these themes reminds us that our most satisfying relationships are the ones we nurture within ourselves.



house 1I wish I could change where I stand
I wish my heart was made of stone
I wish I was ruler of all the land
But I'm just the queen of alone

I'm running through my castle
All the candles burn but no one's home
I'm so afraid my dream is real
I'm so I'm alone


I'm just the queen of oh I'm just the queen of... queen of alone
I find you in my parlor
All your shadows slip into my light
I'm so in need of your comfort now
But our candles turn to night



Candle, candle, burning bright, don't leave me alone tonight
Candle, candle, burning bright, kiss me by the pale moonlight
How can we go on speaking, when I know this all is soon to end
What I don't know is how I'll go, will it be by your hand

I'm just the queen of oh I'm just the queen of oh I'm just the queen of oh I'm just the queen of... queen of alone...

I want to keep on dreaming
Lighting candles that I've always known
But I'd rather live in fading light
Than in darkness all alone





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