confess itunes off 220A place as much as it is a song; it is a place that we are all familiar with. It is the moment when you hit rock bottom and all the familiar dark voices and grooves sing their terrible siren's song to you. And you believe you will never escape the madness of your shadows.


Let me down easy, or let me fall hard
I don't really care just let me go now
Let my crown leave me, oh let it fall down
I thought it was gold, but now its feeling like thorns


downDown here
Where its good
Old friend sadness
Makes you feel understood
Down here
Where its good
Old friend madness
Knows you're misunderstood
Down, down, down
Down here

I let you down easy, and i let you fall hard
You know that i care but i tried to be god
Let the ground leave me, oh let me fall through
I thought i could stand, but i've deceived you


Down here
No dreams
Doesn't matter
What anything means
Down here
No words
Only the feeling
That you're slightly disturbed
Down, down, down
Down here


Heaviness, laced with tragicoma
Pierce my eyes so i can see
Cut my hair so i can feel
Anything but what i feel




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