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Day Is A Cage

confess itunes off 220We are responsible for the choices we make with respect to our daily lives, whether we choose to accept that responsibility or not. In this piece, the narrator's world is a depressed one, replete with falsity, unexamined priorities, and chemical escapes. While she feels like a victim, she is also becoming aware that playing the victim is a choice; she's designed her own cage, and in order to escape, she must look deeper into herself.  A song about how we put ourselves in our own "cage" and impose our own limits. We are lonely by our own choices. But somehow the light of the stars always show up to guide us to illumination. Where people fail, nature always steps in.


dayShe's waking up alone again
Her man is gone for the day (every day)
He leaves her in the darkened hours, oh no no no no
Even tho she says please stay


And her day is a cage
Filled with all the funny people in the zoo
And she's all, all alone now
Ratin peanuts on the bench until the moon shines thru

Her girlfriends gather round her pool
They're drinking till they're far away (far away)
And no one's left to hear her longings, oh no no no no
No one even wants to play



The evening's full of starlight hope
She's asking guidance from the sky (oh why)
And all that's left is her beating heart
And feelings she could never hide






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